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Travelers Day (Saturday), and Inspiration Day (Sunday)

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Creator Day Beginner Level (FRIDAY add-on) – This Creator Day ticket must be bought in conjunction with any First Class to Economy Tickets above. These sessions are specifically designed for attendees who are NEW to digital content creation and are interested in developing their skills and careers as travel influencers. This is an opportunity for beginners to learn the ropes during exciting, hands-on, and informative sessions led by expert creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Space is limited.
After-Fiesta (Add-on for Saturday)
For anyone who wants to join in the Saturday evening festivities with lots of Latin music, dancing, and libations in one of the most spectacular nightclubs in New Jersey. Let’s get our party on! 
Local Experiences
These immersive activities are designed to provide you with unique insights into the rich history, culture, and vibrant atmosphere of Elizabeth, NJ. Experience everything from a Midtown Historic Walking Tour with Boxwood Hall, Liberty Hall Museum, Mall Experience with Go Pixel Yourself, Portugal Day Parade, and Mural Walking Tour.  ***Please be mindful that transportation is not provided to any of these experiences. 

2024 Speakers

Check out the speakers that are joining us this year. Stay tuned for more confirmed speakers!

Meliza Fernandez

Founder of Killer Bodies NYC
Meet Meliza, the dynamic force driving KILLER BODIES, a movement that’s reshaping the fitness world with a blend of passion, empowerment, and inclusivity. When Meliza peered into NYC’s fitness scene, she envisioned a future where every body type is celebrated, where dance and movement are powerful tools for empowerment, and where every woman owns her space unapologetically. KILLER BODIES is more than a fitness regimen; it’s a declaration of self-ownership, a challenge to societal norms, and a celebration of every stride toward personal growth. Meliza has inspired countless women to find their ‘killa’ selves, fostering transformations that transcend the physical to touch on deep-rooted confidence, empowerment, and self-love. IN 2019 she took her message worldwide. KILLERCATIONS are the one of a kind transformative fitness retreats, guaranteed to not only changing how you see yourself, but also change your views on how you travel. Community, adventure, culture and fitness all wrapped into a dreamy, lively and unforgettable experience.

Daniela Pérez

Founder of Explora Magazine

Daniela Pérez is a bilingual teacher, a traveler, and the founder of Explora Spanish magazine. She became a writer for kids while avoiding doing the dishes, and grading school papers. She takes procrastination to new levels by mapping out and journaling about all the places she will go with her familia. Born and raised in Chile, a global citizen, calling Minneapolis, Minnesota home.

Tinabeth Piña

Tinabeth Piña

Creator and Executive Producer, Globe Scholars ™

Tinabeth Piña is an EMMY® award-winning multi-media journalist who has worked on air and behind the scenes for ABC, FOX, PBS, A&E, The History Channel & Oxygen to name a few!

She is currently the creator, executive producer and host of the nationally syndicated and EMMY® nominated travel show GLOBE SCHOLARS™ – a program that documents students as they study abroad.

She is also the managing editor at CUNY-TV – The City University of New York’s EMMY® award-winning television station as well as the creator, executive producer, and host of LATiNAS – the channel’s monthly award-winning magazine show that celebrates the women of the Latinx community nationwide.

And as if that’s not enough, Tinabeth is also a travel vlogger for — TinabethTravels.com, the author of CHA-CHIING! The Unemployed’s Guide to Finding Your Next TV Production Job and is also a commercial actress who has been seen in TV ads for SEARS, XFINITY, IBM, SAP, and most recently PNC BANK. Follow her @tinabethpina

George Torres

Founder, Sofrito Media Group

George Torres is an award-winning dynamic storyteller, producer, workshop facilitator, change agent, and social media visibility consultant who passionately elevates Latino culture. With a strong focus on preserving and promoting our heritage, George works tirelessly to raise awareness about brands and initiatives that celebrate the richness of Latino culture.

In today’s ever-changing world, George recognizes the critical role of social storytelling in building engaging cultures for success in a competitive marketplace. His areas of expertise include digital storytelling, social media strategy, live and virtual event production, workshop and training facilitation, campaign project management, Hispanic/Latino content marketing, and influencer talent recruitment and development.

George collaborates with a diverse range of clients, including brands, startups, corporations, and organizations seeking to reach Latino audiences across the media spectrum. His deep understanding of the community enables him to forge meaningful connections and help his partners effectively engage with their target audience.

His newest project, Siembra Academy is a digital media platform that creates conversational events, channels, curriculums, and social campaigns. These initiatives promote healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship for digital creators like you.

Originally an organic grassroots movement for creators impacted by the pandemic, today, Siembra Academy is a vibrant haven for digital entrepreneurs seeking to ignite their creativity, forge meaningful connections, and redefine success in a supportive community.

Mauricio Vega

Founder of Latin plug

Vega, an entertainment entrepreneur and visionary, founded Latin Plug in 2017, an educational and advertising platform that promotes emerging talent in the entertainment industry. Through events like The Conference and Festival and the Latin Plug Awards, he has honored renowned artists and expanded his presence across Latin America. As a professional member of The Recording Academy, he has demonstrated his commitment to music. Additionally, his philanthropic work includes establishing homes in South America and organizing marches in support of social causes. Vega continues to make his mark in the world of entertainment and the global community.

Kevin Sandoval

Kevin Sandoval

Travel Content Creator

Kevykevvworldwide is a passionate first-generation Latino traveler, content creator & advocate for LatinX representation in the travel industry. Having explored 56 countries and counting, Kevin shares his captivating stories and experiences from around the globe via his social media platforms.

With a focus on travel and food content, Kevykevv, who is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, offers a unique perspective on affordable luxury experiences, proving that travel can be enriching without breaking the bank. Deeply rooted in his cultural Dominican heritage, Kevykevv celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity within the travel community.

Through his engaging content and advocacy efforts, Kevin inspires others to embrace exploration, celebrate cultural diversity, and pursue their travel dreams, regardless of background or budget. Join Kevykevv on his journey as he continues to empower and uplift latinX travelers & beyond, worldwide.

Edén Soto Alva

Edén Soto Alva

Content Creator

Edén Soto Alva is a Peruvian journalist based in Dallas with over a decade of experience. He shares travel guides, tips, and experiences on Edén de Viaje, a platform he started on social media 4 years ago. A graduate in Communications from The University of North Texas, Edén made his mark as an anchor and reporter at Univision from 2011 to 2017 and most recently worked as a content creator for Noticias Para Inmigrantes. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his excellence in journalism, having received three Emmy awards. Edén continues to make a significant impact in the world of media with his dedication and passion for storytelling.

Ivonne Morales

Ivonne Morales

Content Creator

Content creator based in New York, Ivonne’s passion for travel and photography has grown over time as she has journeyed to over 50 countries. She is dedicated to showing her Latine community how to fuel their wanderlust by traveling smarter and more purposefully.

Rafael Peña

Rafael Peña

Content Creator

For the last 10 years travel expert and journalist Rafael Peña has committed his life to changing his community’s perspective of travel. Focusing on transformative food experiences and luxury travel through travel hacks, Peña offers poignant personal knowledge of how to travel the world like a pro.

Johileny Merán

Disabled Traveler

Johileny Merán is a RestorativeDC program assistant at SchoolTalk DC who supports the restorative justice senior project manager in maintaining stakeholder relationships, leading programming in schools, and aiding the RestorativeDC implementation team. A Disabled Afro-Dominican immigrant raised in NYC, she’s passionate about advocacy, education, and empowering youth. Previously, she coordinated programs at Mobility International USA, focusing on disability inclusion in international exchange. With a BA in Global Public Health and Sociology with a minor in Disability Studies from New York University, Johileny champions inclusion in study abroad programs, college communities, and emergency response. In her free time, she mentors and shares her travel experiences.

Carla Vaca Pinacho

DEI Project Coordinator at Miles Partnership

Carla Vaca Pinacho is a dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Project Coordinator at Miles Partnership, a strategic marketing agency specializing in the travel and tourism industry. With the help of her team, she plays a pivotal role in spearheading and implementing Miles’ organizational strategies centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As well as, managing the seamless execution of an array of DEI-focused internal and external projects.

As an advocate for multicultural groups and communities, she has been able to contribute to numerous internal initiatives at Miles Partnership. Which has led to an increase of knowledge and participation from the employees. She has helped to support the development of conference work, client deliverables, projects and third-party partnerships. While currently helping to support Miles’ internal education efforts and employee-led DEI Committee.

Beyond her role at Miles Partnership, Carla serves as a distinguished member of the Board of Advisors for Travel Unity, volunteer for Latino Travel Fest planning committee, and founder of Lati(nos) in Travel.

Carla’s educational journey at the University of South Carolina, where she graduated as a Tourism Management major, further solidified her passion for creating multicultural events and promoting international travel. Her immersive experience in sustainable tourism during a transformative study abroad program in the Galápagos Islands underscored her commitment to responsible and ethical travel practices. Notably, her active involvement as a research intern for the Richardson Family SmartState Center for Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development, coupled with her participation in the Time for DMOcracy study by Miles Partnership, highlighted her dedication to shaping impactful industry insights.

During her time at the University of South Carolina, Carla engaged as a proactive contributor and leader in various advisory boards and student organizational roles underscoring her dedication to fostering an inclusive and vibrant academic community.

Carla’s extensive hands-on experience in the tourism and customer service industry has been instrumental in shaping her versatile skill set and leadership capabilities. Having honed her expertise in various hospitality and tourism environments, including country clubs, luxury hotels, and retail establishments, she has adeptly navigated complex operational challenges and cultivated a keen understanding of customer-centric service delivery. Her experiences have positioned her as a seasoned industry professional, equipped with an astute understanding of the dynamics of the tourism and hospitality sector.

Cindy Y. Rodriguez

Cindy Y. Rodriguez

Founder of Reclama

Cindy Y. Rodriguez (she/her/ella) is a writer, editor and storyteller who has worked in journalism for over 15 years for companies like NBC, HuffPost, CNN, and, presently, as a senior digital producer at WNET/Thirteen, the local PBS station in New York.

She specializes in creating impactful and diverse content for English-dominant Latinos with a focus on identity, culture, and race. Recently, she shared her wealth journey as host/producer on “Hay Dinero”, a five-part docuseries that provides practical financial planning tips for the Latinx community while shedding light on the connection between culture and generational trauma.

She co-founded Morado Lens, an award-nominated feminist podcast discussing sex, culture, and embracing our inner bruja where they interviewed powerful Latinas such as Alexandria Ocasio, Dolores Huerta, and Rosario Dawson. In 2018, she created Reclama, spiritual hiking and journaling which has organized over 65 outdoor events and created a safe space in nature for more than 850 women of color. Cindy was born and raised in New Jersey by her Peruvian parents and identifies as indigenous.

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Discover the packed schedule of the 2024 Latino Travel Fest, and get set to be inspired!

Panel Discussion – Inclusive Travel (Disabilities or Special Needs)
Panelists: Mariela Regalado, Johileny Meran, Jessica M. Gonzalez, and Jennifer Luna

Panel Discussion – Mundo Eats: From Fancy to Calle Eats
Speakers: Bernadette Carter and Kevin Sandoval

Panel Discussion – Turning Your Passion for Travel into a Paycheck
Panelists: Yenelsa Duran and Flavia Cornejo

Presentation – Traveling with Authenticity
Speaker: Tinabeth Pina and George Torres

Panel Discussion – Budgeting for Meaningful Adventures
Panelists: Cindy Rodriguez

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