George Torres

George Torres is an award-winning dynamic storyteller, producer, workshop facilitator, change agent, and social media visibility consultant who passionately elevates Latino culture. With a strong focus on preserving and promoting our heritage, George works tirelessly to raise awareness about brands and initiatives that celebrate the richness of Latino culture.

In today’s ever-changing world, George recognizes the critical role of social storytelling in building engaging cultures for success in a competitive marketplace. His areas of expertise include digital storytelling, social media strategy, live and virtual event production, workshop and training facilitation, campaign project management, Hispanic/Latino content marketing, and influencer talent recruitment and development.

George collaborates with a diverse range of clients, including brands, startups, corporations, and organizations seeking to reach Latino audiences across the media spectrum. His deep understanding of the community enables him to forge meaningful connections and help his partners effectively engage with their target audience.

His newest project, Siembra Academy is a digital media platform that creates conversational events, channels, curriculums, and social campaigns. These initiatives promote healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship for digital creators like you.

Originally an organic grassroots movement for creators impacted by the pandemic, today, Siembra Academy is a vibrant haven for digital entrepreneurs seeking to ignite their creativity, forge meaningful connections, and redefine success in a supportive community.