Meet The Team

Meet the people that are making magic behind the scenes to bring to you the Latino Travel Fest.

Vanessa Fondeur-Adams

Founder & CEO

She is a soul-led entrepreneur and has been a vibrant and purpose-driven NYC educator for 14+ years. She’s the #FootCationQueen with visits to 33 countries in all 7 continents and 39 U.S. States under her belt. She curates immersive cultural experiences around the world, hosts the Badass Book Club, self-improvement, and social events, and has an insatiable appetite for living the next best experience! She loves luxury – even if she cannot always afford it. She enjoys sparkling wines, a nice cup of tea, tasting menus, and an interesting scoop of ice cream. Consider her as the adventurous travel foodie buddy you have not met yet!

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Chiriga “Zoe” Moore

Event Producer / Logistics

Chiriga “Zoe” Moore, founder of Moore Consulting Agency affectionately known as Grow with Zomo is an Army Veteran. Her experience as an Equal Opportunity Representative as a Soldier led to her becoming an advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the hospitality, events, and tourism industries. Now, as a Strategic EDI Consultant, she holds leaders accountable for their expressed commitment to strengthening their awareness, comprehension, and strategic integration of EDI from insight to implementation.

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Rosa Castillo

Partnerships Director

She is a Latina content creator who runs The Traveling Roses blog along with her teenage daughter. Whether it’s hopping on a plane to a faraway destination or jumping in the car for a quick getaway; the journey is just as fun as the destination. Working alongside with Tourism Boards, Hotels & tourist attractions they have built a brand and portfolio where they share travel adventures and help bring awareness to mother/daughter travel across their platforms.

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Blanca Ibarra

Speakers Liason

She has over 16 years of experience as a property tax professional and enjoys working in a fast-paced volume driven environment. She also helps travelers score cheap flights and other travel hacks by showing them the best deals and tips out there!

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Carlos Ivan Martinez

Marketing Manager

He is a wanderluster, and proud Puerto Rican. His passion is to travel and experience other cultures different from his own as well as meet people from other countries. He is the author of a children’s book series called Carlitos The Wanderluster, where a Latin child character travels the world.

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Maribel Monsalve

Public Relations

Mari is a first-generation Latina born in Miami who empowers women, especially Latinas, to travel solo through her bilingual platform. After launching her blog and newsletter in September 2023, she shares her passion for globetrotting the world, from travel hacking advice to memories from her adventures across 30+ countries so far. When not traveling, Mari enjoys travel journaling, reading, spending quality time with loved ones, mastering new abilities, and planning extraordinary voyages to uncover hidden gems and immerse herself in the diverse cultures that make our world so fascinating. 

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Lymarie Maymí

Volunteers Manager

She is a travel advisor and blogger who loves to travel and explore new places, people, and cultures. She has decided to travel more and share her experience and travel knowledge among others with the world.

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Mireille Fondeur

Social Media Manager

She is a world traveler and home decorator based in Florida. She is also a mom of 2 beautiful kids, and our social media manager for the past 5 years. Make sure to say hola on the Latino World Travelers and Latino Travel Fest grams.

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