Anthony Medina

Anthony Medina is an award-winning and globally recognized mixologist, bartender, and trainer. For more than 20 years, he has managed some of the most recognizable and iconic bars across New York’s trendiest areas. Anthony is considered a cocktail expert and serves as Academic Director for, Certified Instructor or TIPS, Instructor for IUGT, Metropolitan University, and The National Academy of Bartending, and at the moment he is studying Neurogastronomy. Anthony has traveled the globe competing against the world’s greatest mixologists in Europe, France, and Latin America. Among his many championships and awards, he has been named the Diageo World Class National Champion 2009, and Champion at the Diplomatic World Tournament of Venezuela 2013.

Join the master mixologist Anthony on a journey to becoming a home bar rockstar as he guides you on how to prepare the most delicious cocktails so you can impress your guests in future gatherings. During this education and fun event you will learn to prepare and create what will certainly be some of your absolute favorite drinks. Are you ready to sip with us?