Desireé Bishop

Desireé was born and raised in Panama. A few years ago she decided to move the the U.S. and upon her arrival, she constantly got asked where she was from and how come she spoke Spanish so well. This is when she realized that more platforms for Afro Latinas and Caribbean women needed to be created and that representation was necessary. She is the founder of Afro Latina Travel, a platform dedicated to portray Afro Latina women that enjoy to travel. Under this platform she also plans in organizing retreats that specifically highlight the beauty, uniqueness and Afro roots of Latin countries. The first retreat will be held in 2021.

Living far away from home she realized she wanted to make sure she always had something to represent her. She started to use a Panamanian necklace and started to get several compliments about it including Panamanians wishing they also had one. She realized that just like her, several other foreigners that are far away from home also still want to feel connected to their roots. Shortly after she started working on her jewelry line and Gems By Mocha was created. A jewelry line for the strong, ambitious, and sophisticated individual. A person that is proud of their culture and feels empowered when they represent it. Desireé is passionate about bringing awareness to her Afro Latin – Caribbean culture and strongly believes that representation matters in the Latin community and makes sure her platform is a reflection of what she preaches.