Jessica Batista

Ten years ago, Jessica Jade developed circular, itchy, and painful eczema. When her dermatologist prescribed steroid creams, her skin became so sensitive to the sun, she wore turtlenecks an entire NYC Summer. She quickly fell into a deep depression. Stopped dating, and pretty much hid from society. One Sunday evening, while on a call with her great-grandmother, she shared how much she was suffering. Mama Teresa sprang into action recommending ingredients that might heal her skin. Ingredients like shea butter & grapeseed oil that lock in moisture, and honey & turmeric that are anti-inflammatory. Formulating products became their favorite past time! From that day on, with her great-grandmother’s guidance, Jessica began crafting skincare that not only healed her eczema but empowers others to heal their skin. Jessica knows what it’s like to be unable to fall asleep at night because your skin is so itchy it hurts and how it feels to hide from the world. When she launched SunKissOrganics she did so with the promise that her skincare would be non-toxic & organic, but most importantly EFFECTIVE! SunkissOrganics celebrates women of color, and encourages them to set their own standard of beauty!