Stephanie Nunez

Stephanie is a Washington Heights born, Afro Dominicana who has been training in New York Style salsa and travelling the world as a solo backpacker for the past 6 years. She is driven and inspired by art, music, culture, and appreciating life through the lens of others. Gifted with curiosity, humility and a natural affinity to people, she dives into local experiences during her travels looking to connect with the people of the land. Stephanie dreams to one day open a therapeutic center for children with special needs that centers artistic expression as a means of promoting healing and wellness. Follow her dance and travel journey on her social media.

Join the charismatic and sexylicious Stephanie, a Washington Heights-born Afro-Dominicana who has been training in New York style salsa for many years and it’s ready to teach you all the steps so you can have the confidence to encender la pista desde tu casita. Get ready to get your salsa con fuego game on!